First week done & slow-down

30th September 2023

In the last blog post I mentioned starting a new job and it is now the Saturday after the first week. I was honestly quite afraid before it began. This team is way more professional than what I am used to, I'm used to a pretty casual working environment. In my last job even though it was owned by a corporation owned by another corporation it had a really nice start-up feel to it. By that I don't mean overworked and underpaid, just really informal and friendly.

The new place is friendly, don't get me wrong - but it is also more corporate and... stiff. One of my older jobs was very similar to this so I'm hoping I get used to it soon. Their code is very well architectured which is awesome. Even though it's my first week I feel like I have a good grasp on all their different repositories and I understand what they're trying to achieve. As of yet I've not actually done any coding myself, so I'm still afraid I won't be good enough. Imposter syndrome 4 life. It also requires more office time and I am used to working from home. I don't know if I'll get used to that again, and I'm not sure I want to. Home-working is just so much better. It's only supposed to be a once-a-month thing but since I am new I'll be in on a weekly basis but maybe November will be better on that front.

Outside of work I continue to obsess over Neocities. I've been hoarding sites on my phone so that I can go follow the creators when I'm back on PC, which is now. Since I'm back at work I think updates here are going to slow down. Also, now that most tabs are starting to have some substance to them and it's largely the blog being written I find that I actually don't have much to talk about. My wife & I do plan on going to this charity event for a cat charity and there's also a Tolkien/LotR exhibit at a museum we'd like to travel to so expect posts about those. But as for today... I guess that's it. Work started, it's going okay, and Neocities continues to be a source of fun.

~ Honey