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My time in Poland

15th November 2023

I originally wrote most of this on the 11th, but then I got sick so I'm only just posting it. I just got back from a lovely week in Poland and thought I would share what's great about it. It might not be your first thought when choosing a place to visit but it has more to offer than you might think. Not all of these photos are from the past week, it's a mix of every visit starting in 2016.

Street art from Lodz
Lodz has a lot of commissioned street art.
Street art from Lodz
Some of them are quite big.
Street art from Lodz
Fun fact: "Lodz" means "Boat" but the city has no rivers or lakes and is not near the sea.
Outside a tea room in Lodz
Surindustrialle is my favourite tea room in Lodz. This was taken outside its old premises. They have a lot of handmade things inside and out, have helpful staff, tasty tea, games, and is LGBT-friendly (which unfortunately is not always the case in Poland)
A golden room in Herbst palace
Taken in Herbst Palace, Lodz.
Radegast train station, Lodz
On a less cheery note, Lodz's central location made it important for the Nazis in WWII and Radegast train station was used to transport holocaust victims around the country. The train car you see there is one such used and you can stand inside it. The only difference is when you stand inside it you have room to move and breathe, the victims not so much.
Arkadia park
Taken in Arkadia, a park near Lodz. I really liked it here, lots of good photography opportunities.
Nieborow palace
Nieborow Palace, close by to Arkadia. I don't have a picture but the inside is tiled.. everywhere. Tile crazy.
Red flowers in the Nieborow palace garden
Taken in the garden of Nieborow palace
A pond in Nieborow palace garden
Another from the palace gardens
An old Polish house
Taken from a reconstructed traditional Polish village which showed life in the early 1900s, pre-war. These houses are divided into two rooms, one on each side. During the war German soldiers would occupy half and the family would take the other half.
An old Polish church
Taken from the same village, a traditional church.
A Polish street with lights projected down it
Taken November 11th, 2018 in Lodz. Lights were projected down the street celebrating 100 years of Polish independence.
Horseback knights marching through a city
Torun is famous for the teutonic knights, this was a festival with knights marching down the streets.
An old medieval castle
The teutonic knights' castle. And a tree.
Smoked cheese with a sauce
Oscypek, a traditional smoked cheese with cranberry sauce.
Warsaw old town
Warsaw was basically flattened during the war, so the old town was rebuilt using as much of the original material as they could.
Statue of Janusz Korczak
Janusz Korczak was a Jewish teacher & author at an orphanage during the holocaust. He was offered sanctuary on the "Aryan side" of the city but refused to abandon the children. Instead, when the German soldiers came to take the children to an extermination camp he went with them.
Poznan town square
Poznan, a beautiful city with this multi-coloured town square.
Polish concrete crucifix
This is a monument to the victims of the 1956 Poznan protests who were killed protesting the communist regime. The other years you see are 1968, 1970, 1976, 1980 and 1981 which refer to other years with protests/riots.
Bunnies in a zoo
Bunnies! Poznan zoo. I don't have a picture of it, but also in this zoo a duck was laid down looking very uncomfortable, which concerned us. Then it did a massive projectile shit, got up, and walked away.

Poland has a wonderful culture, amazing food, a rich history, and is quite affordable. I also found the public transport in cities to be incredible, far better than what the UK offers. An approximately 100km train journey cost us £6 per person so it's really easy to visit multiple cities in one trip. We also got a day ticket (literally 24 hours) in Warsaw which worked on the trams, buses, and underground metro, and was a whopping £3 per person. I don't think we ever had to wait longer than 5 minutes at a stop because they run so regularly.

Oh, and on a final note - Poland has the best kebabs. That's just a fact.

~ Honey