The Honey Pot

A honey bee will search up to 5 miles for food, which is about 4.9 miles longer than I'm willing to look.

Other things!

A collection of random things that don't have a better home here (yet).

The Honeycomb Network

Other things I create will appear here.

  • Things That Are Nice was my first Neocities site. It's just supposed to be a cute little site that hopefully makes you smile.

Things I like

Things other people create that I really enjoy will appear here.

  • The Useless Web is a website that will take you to a random but fun website. This is how I found...
  • Binary Piano plays a different note for each binary value. I think it sounds cool!
  • The Null Webring is a Neocities webring that people can join. It's basically a big list of Neocities sites. A lot of them are really cool.
  • Fighting Monsters is a really simple text-based combat/rpg game. The mechanics are very simple but that's no bad thing. I like it for killing 5 minutes here and there.

Tools, references, attributions

  • Title font is 'Mochiy Pop One' designed by Fontdasu, available on Google Fonts
  • All other text uses Open Sans.
  • Most buttons were taken from this button wall, I also used sadgrl's button maker.
  • Background was free (with attribution) from Freepik.
  • Mozilla's HTML documentation was also incredibly valuable.
  • I check for accessibility issues using WebAIM's WAVE Firefox plugin.
  • I wrote this in Visual Studio Code and Firefox is my default browser. I test in Edge too.
  • I use Firefox's built-in mobile emulator, if you can call it an emulator, to check mobile layout. It's part of dev-tools which you can access by pressing F12. It's called "Responsive Design Mode" and is on the top right corner.
  • To update my site I have a Github repository with a workflow that automatically pushes my main branch to Neocities for me. This is far more reliable than manually updating pages and copying them all over. I have written a blog post about it if you want to use it.